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Anyone and everyone can have a healthy mouth. Your mouth and teeth should look good, feel good, smell good and do the job they were designed to do without conscious effort on your part. Your teeth should be an asset to your life, contributing to your health and beauty. When you smile your teeth should say, "I am confident, healthy and enjoying life."

There is no mystery to outstanding oral health--eliminate the causes of disease and the human body, miraculous creation that it is, will get and stay healthy. We are all unique individuals, so the same program isn't going to work for everyone. At the Atrium Dental Center we will work with you to design a program that accomplishes your goals. If your oral health is not enhancing your life, then give us a call, and discover how easy it is. You are the reason we do what we do and we would love to meet you.

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Getting a healthy, more beautiful smile begins with your first visit to Atrium Dental Center. Call (812) 279-9767 for an appointment with a dentist today. Discover how easy it is to get the smile you've always wanted with a comfortable care program designed just for you. Or contact us if you'd like us to give you
a call.

Featured Makeover

See the Makeover Gallery for the "before" and "close-up" pictures, and to see more makeovers done in our office.


Dental News Update

Yogurt Can Help Your Gums

If you're worried about gum disease, eat yogurt. A recent study published in the Journal of Periodontology found that yogurt can neutralize the bacteria that lead to receding gums and tooth loss. Researchers examined the diets of almost 1,000 people and found that those who ate at least 55 grams of yogurt a day were less likely to suffer gum disease than those who weren't eating yogurt regularly. Since 55 grams is less that one-half of a 6-ounce carton, eating a little yogurt a day can make a big difference.

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